A while back, Andrew Sullivan asked if an animated, “upbeat promo for puberty blockers” should be taught to a fifth-grade audience. In case you missed it, here it is again. AMAZE has lots of educational YouTube cartoons, such as “How Do Queer Couples Have Babies” and “Sex Assigned at Birth and Gender Identity: What Is The Difference?”

Cartoons seem to be the method of choice to reach young people about puberty blockers and if they’re right for them. Planned Parenthood has put out a cute cartoon advertisement for puberty blockers, which are above all else, safe. It’s all about you choosing the time that going through puberty is right for you.

A girl just wrote about how she wanted to kill herself over her “freakish” voice after two years of hormone treatment.

They don’t go easy on the images of prescription bottles, either. The more drugs, the better!

These just put it off until you’re ready to make a decision about your body.

Great question.

No, it’s just a pause button and completely reversible.

The parent is always the enemy because they’re “cisnormative” and expect to have cisgender kids. Schools and organizations like Planned Parenthood know what’s best for your child.


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