Stacey Abrams finally conceded the 2018 Georgia Governor’s race. Ok, she still played semantics, she says she ‘acknowledges’ she is not the governor, but for her, that is a HUGE admission. Still, acknowledging you are not the governor is not the same as admitting you lost the election. Democrats have this thing though, they get to say they did not lose, and claim elections are stolen, but if Republicans do it, it is a fascist threat to democracy or something.

Gaslighting is a favorite pastime of Democrats. 🙂

That seems to be a pattern as well – they believe that if you use more words, the lie is covered up.

We agree. There are more than a few politicians we wish we never had to hear from again. Beto and Stacey ‘but I am the rightful Governor Of Georgia’ Abrams are two of the top on the list.

Indeed. If it were not for double standards we fear the left would have no standards at all.

We at Twitchy also admit that none of the editors are the Governor of Georgia.

We appreciated many tweeters setting the record straight about what Mrs. Abrams really said in 2018.

She won’t stop, because she can’t stop. She is one of those political creatures like Joe Biden. She is going to keep popping up year after year saying insane things and eventually she is going to be elected to something. It is never going to end. People will be writing articles about how she lied about baby heartbeats when she is running for president in 20 years.

We hope we are wrong, but we have been watching politicians like Abrams for a really long time and we are pretty sure we are 100% right. If we are all still around in 2044 let’s get out the vote and be sure she has to concede that one too.


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