Joe Biden is down in Florida today evangelizing people with his radical climate change ideology in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

He even suggested that Hurricane Ian has ended the discussing about whether or not climate change is real.

After walking away from the podium where DeSantis stood behind him, Biden even claimed that the Governor has recognized ‘global warming’, calling it the biggest hing he’s done:

What a load of crock. DeSantis is not a supporter of climate change or global warming and recognizing it is certainly not the biggest thing he’s done in Florida.

I’d say at this point the biggest thing he’s done is all the preparation he and his administration did before Hurricane Ian hit, protecting people as much as they could be making sure they evacuated and getting everything in gear to start repairs and rescues the next day.

Even Biden agrees DeSantis has done a ‘remarkable’ job:

Put this one in the vault for when Biden claims DeSantis did a horrible job with Hurricane Ian.

Lastly Biden was caught on camera saying ‘nobody f****s with a Biden’:

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