The Associated Press recently took a look at Pennsylvania Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman’s record as the lieutenant governor:

More from the AP:

Records from Fetterman’s four years in office, however, offer a different portrait of his time in the $179,000-a-year elected job. They show Fetterman typically kept a light work schedule and was often absent from state business, including presiding over the state Senate, which is one of his chief duties, according to an Associated Press review of his daily calendars and attendance records.

The review found that Fetterman’s daily schedule was blank during roughly one-third of workdays from January 2019, when he first took office, to May of this year, when he suffered a serious stroke. Even on days where his schedule showed he was active, a typical work day for Fetterman lasted between four and five hours, the records show.

The findings, which focus entirely on his tenure before his stroke, are notable because Fetterman points to his time as lieutenant governor as a leading credential in his Senate campaign. And as his bid for a seat that could swing the Senate majority becomes more competitive, some Democrats privately worry that Fetterman is proving a lackluster candidate and losing ground in the campaign.

Huh. Sounds like John Fetterman is actually pretty lazy (except when it comes to harassing black people, of course. He’s no slouch in that department!). Who’d’a thunk it?

And who’d’a thunk the AP would actually do a story on this? What a pleasant surprise.

The AP doing some digging into a Democratic candidate’s record? What is this sorcery? Did hell freeze over?

Turns out we’re not the only ones kinda shocked by the AP’s coverage on this; some of the libs are, too. Only while we see it as a positive, the libs see it as a betrayal of sorts.

Ah, yes. Those notorious Republican lapdogs at the AP are at it again.

The AP is transparent in the sense that they’re actually not burying concerning aspects of a Democratic politician’s record for a change. And the people who are angry at the AP are definitely transparent in their own right. We see right through their whining.

It’s not dishonest. And that’s why the libs are so annoyed.

The AP actually did their job for once. They should try doing it more often. It would go a long way toward restoring their former credibility, and, as the icing on the cake, it would really stick in libs’ craws. Win-win!


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