President Biden told reporters on Thursday that OPEC’s decision to slash oil production is “disappointing” and indicative of greater problems at play. OPEC’s decision to produce 2 million fewer barrels of oil a day will certainly cause pain at the pump.

From Fox News:

Biden said the White House was looking for “alternatives” but was tight-lipped on who the U.S. would turn to stave off rising prices at the pump, including whether the U.S. will ease sanctions on Venezuela to boost production.

“There’s a lot of alternatives,” he said Thursday. “We haven’t made up our mind yet.”

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo says Biden should be looking to do business with U.S. drillers —not killers.

“Supply and demand tells you simple economics will push [gas] prices higher…look these OPEC members want to see oil prices higher and unfortunately this administration is talking about doing business with killers instead of doing business with killers. We have the capacity to have our own production in this country but this climate change agenda is priority one so they will do business with the killers instead of the drillers,” Bartiromo says.

Watch the clip above.

Biden also got lit up on Twitter by Conservative lawmakers.

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