Remember when the “Woke Disney vs. Gov. Ron DeSantis” battle was raging in Florida? That seems to now have given way to “Woke Disney vs. woke backlash” and we sure hope Disney is enjoying their new friends on the Left. Disney General Entertainment is also learning a hard lesson with the new company they’ve been keeping: Even dad jokes are a big no-no!

Being “progressive” means never having to say… anything… or else you’re in trouble!

The joke:

“My four-year-old son has been learning Spanish all year and he still can’t say the word ‘please.’ Which I think is poor for four.”

The apology:

In today’s Stay Connected newsletter, there was an inappropriate joke. It was never our intention to marginalize a language or a young person’s learning skills, and we apologize to anyone offended. We strive to maintain a sense of belonging and uphold our belief in diversity, equity and inclusion within the company. We will do better.

Just imagine the emergency meeting that took place…

And they “apology” was probably first run by several high priced lawyers to make sure no further offense was included.

LOL! Yes, Disney should have just put out this video about the “dad joke”:



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