Failing MSNBC host Joy Reid loves to lampoon Florida Governor Ron DeSantis —unless she’s looking to get him on her show, that is. One DeSantis staffer put Reid’s team on blast after the joyless wonder made fun of DeSantis on Twitter.

“The spat began with The ReidOut host retweeting a video of the president speaking to the press in Florida as the governor and his wife stood behind him,” Fox News reports. “Speaking of Hurricane Ian, Biden claimed, ‘I think the one thing that this has finally ended is the discussion about whether or not there’s climate change and whether we should do something about it.’”

Reid pointed to the stony expression on DeSantis’ face as he listened to Biden’s speech, and tweeted, “DeSantis’ face is saying so much in this clip…”

But DeSantis’ press secretary Jeremy Redfern had a snappy comeback for Team Joyless, sharing a recent email exchange between the two camps. The subject line stated, “Gov. DeSantis // The ReidOut,” with the body reading, “[Name redacted] with MSNBC’s The Reidout. Last spoke when I was with CBS Nat News a few months ago. Would love to touch base with your team ahead of midterms. Can hop on a phone if that’s easiest.”

Though Redfern’s response poured cold water over the request. He answered, saying, “Nah, we are good.”

From Fox News:

Despite her team appearing to seek a conciliatory correspondence with the governor’s office, Reid herself has been smearing DeSantis. Only last week, she attacked him for warning looters than Second Amendment supporting Floridians would not take too kindly to them breaking into their damaged homes.

She claimed his warning was similar to racist threats made by segregation-era law enforcement officers against African Americans.

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