Don’t tell my wife, but I downloaded a dating app today. It is called The Right Stuff and is said to be intended for conservatives. It is new, and now is the subject of a very odd story: “Right-wing dating app users on ‘The Right Stuff’ contacted by FBI.”

Users of a right-wing dating app founded by former Trump staffers have reported that they’re receiving calls from the FBI after answering one particular question in their dating profiles.
[A] third complaint is emerging from users — that answering a profile prompt question that asked “January 6 was…” has led to them being contacted by law enforcement.

A quick scroll through the reviews in the app store reveal several comments complaining of having a phone call from the FBI shortly after filling out the profile.

Is it possible that the FBI is monitoring answers to questions on a dating app to go after people who have a bad attitude toward the January 6 demonstration? How would they do that, without having, as one commenter alleges, “back door access”? The idea seems ridiculous, but the Democrats are obsessed with the January 6 protest, and the FBI has so far seemed willing to indulge the Democrats’ fantasies.

The whole thing is odd. But the app itself may not have much of a future. It is a pain even to register, as I found when I downloaded it. And it suffers from a more fundamental flaw than being monitored by the FBI: apparently there are hardly any women on it.

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