President Biden is again deflecting questions about possible criminal charges against son Hunter Biden, by saying he is “proud” of his child.

The question resurface again Tuesday night in a CNN interview, following a news report last week that seemed to confirm earlier reports that federal officials have enough information to charge Hunter Biden with multiple crimes related to taxes and a gun purchase.

“Well, first of all, I’m proud of my son,” Biden said in response to the question. “And he got hooked … on drugs. He’s overcome that.”

He also defended his son against allegations that he made a false statement related to a gun purchase.

“This thing about a gun? I didn’t know anything about it,” the president said. However, he acknowledged his answered “No” to a question on a gun application about drug use.

“I have great confidence in my son,” Biden said. “I love him. And he’s on the straight and narrow, and he has been, for a couple years now. And I’m just so proud of him.” 

There is no information to suggest the federal investigation addresses allegations that Hunter Biden’s oversees business deals have in some way broke the law.

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