It’s been a rough year for CNN. After Jeff Zucker stepped down and Chris Licht stepped in, the network has lost some of its top-tier talent. “Top-tier” doesn’t say much about CNN’s “talent,” of course, with the “talent” including the likes Brian Stelter and John Harwood and Jeffrey Toobin.

There’s also the whole CNN+ disaster, and of course their disastrous ratings. Poor CNN just can’t catch a break!

And now comes this intriguing dispatch from News Cycle Media president (and Mediaite and Washington Examiner alumnus) Jon Nicosia:

Ooo … we’re listening …

Oh man. This sounds really, really juicy. So … who is it?

Wait … you mean we have to wait until the end of the week? That means we have no choice but to speculate.

Oh well. If we must, we must.

Nope, not really. Time to put on our detective hats.

Well, Don Lemon’s already been demoted. And he’s been making quite the ass of himself during interviews lately, which is saying a lot for Don Lemon.

But Don’s not the only embarrassment at CNN. Far from it.

Tapper’s turned into a mess, but he’s still considered one of the most professional CNN personalities (that doesn’t say much, but it’s true).

Wolf Blitzer, eh? Now that would be interesting. But there are options that would have far more entertainment value for us. Like, say:

We’d actually pay money to see Jim Acosta’s diary entry if he’s the one about to be sent packing.

Well, in any event, it sounds like we should have our answer in no more than a few days. So, until then:



Mary Katharine Ham writes about her suspension from CNN compared to Jeffrey Toobin’s


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