I’m not sure who’s running John Fetterman’s campaign, but in recent weeks they’ve gotten rather lazy. While Dr. Mehmet Oz has been effectively using Fetterman’s weak-on-crime record against him, Fetterman has attacked with really bad memes. Earlier this month, Fetterman tweeted a video comparing Oz to Dr. Nick, the notorious quack doctor from The Simpsons, and later tweeted a horrendously photoshopped remix of a Mean Girls meme.

Very mature stuff. I’m sure that will make everyone forget Fetterman’s record on crime.

Oh, but wait, there’s more. Now Fetterman is really bringing out the big guns and is accusing Oz of being a Dallas Cowboys fan.

In fact, Fetterman isn’t just throwing shade on Twitter — this is the topic of an actual billboard ad.

“Pennsylvania Democrat U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman’s campaign said Tuesday it will be putting up two billboards before the NFL Sunday game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys that call out GOP contender Dr. Mehmet Oz as a fake Pennsylvanian,” reports Newsmax.

“Dr. Oz is a Cowboys fan,” the billboard reads. “Elect a real Pennsylvanian. Vote Fetterman for Senate on Nov. 8th.” The billboard uses a photo taken almost ten years ago that shows Oz at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, where the Cowboys play, to illustrate the point.

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Oh, and Fetterman’s campaign released a statement on it, too.

“The fact that Oz is willing to sell out his supposed Eagles fandom for clout when he’s in Dallas may be a funny example of his inability to take real positions and hold consistent beliefs, but it’s much more than that,” said Fetterman’s campaign manager Brendan McPhillips. “This gets to the heart of who this guy really is. He pretends to be a Cowboys fan when he’s in Dallas, but now that he’s running for office he tailgates at Eagles games like he’s a real Philly fan.”

It seems inevitable that Fetterman’s campaign will eventually seek out grammar school classmates of Oz in order to confirm that Oz did, in fact, have cooties.

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