It’s been some time since we last wrote about Sharyl Attkisson but every time we do write about something from her, it’s absolutely a must-read. Ok, so everything we write is a must-read in this editor’s humble opinion but we digress.

Her thread from this morning exposed even more ‘stunning govt. propaganda and false info’ and of course, it’s tied to Hillary Clinton.

We know, you’re as shocked as we are.

All roads seem to lead to Hillary.


Keep going.

So Mook’s project was about censoring someone on social media.

Alrighty then.

Election Integrity Project sounds a lot like ‘fortifying an election’.


Well of course he was.

It’s all connected.

We thought Mook’s name was familiar.

THAT’S right.

And it’s still up, you guys.

Elias, Mook, Clinton …

But you know, orange man bad.

This. ^

All sorts of gimmies and goodies for these folks … but not a lot of justice for Trump or anyone else for that matter.

*adjusts tinfoil hat*



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