For your consideration, four stories.

From Breitbart News:

Lizzo is on the cover of Vanity Fair. Along with explaining that she makes music for herself and not for white people, she also weighed in on her appearance in which she twerked while playing James Madison’s crystal flute, stating: “I don’t want to leave history in the hands of people who uphold oppression and racism. My job as someone who has a platform is to reshape history.”

Singer Billie Eilish and her mother, Maggie Baird, were lauded over the weekend at the Environmental Media Association awards gala for their work in environmentalism. Obviously. This recognition came despite the fact that her family owns multiple private properties, including a Malibu beach house and a horse ranch in Glendale. But no plastic is permitted on her tours and recycling is mandatory.

Leftist actor Christopher Meloni of Law & Order: Organized Crime (AKA: the franchise that would not die) makes it a habit to attack conservatives, and in particular Trump supporters. Meloni was mocking Lauren Boebert for a tweet that went over his head. He eventually ended up in a Twitter spat with former Trump legal adviser Stephen Miller, who came to Boebert’s defense. Meloni called Miller Nosferatu and told him to stick to writing fascist speeches. Meloni once called two children who supported Trump “Nazi youth.”

From KSL-TV in Utah:

Mark Hamill decided for some reason that Utahans needed his opinion on whom to vote for in the Senate race. He retweeted Evan McMullin’s tweet about suing Club for Growth over a campaign ad.

“I like @EvanMcMullin SO much, it makes me wish I lived in Utah so I could vote for him!” Hamill said. He added, “FUN FACT: Brigsby Bear was filmed in Utah,” referencing a 2017 comedy he appeared in.

What do these people have in common? As celebrities, they live in hermetically sealed worlds, surrounded by people who tell them they are wonderful and that they hung the moon. They hear from fans and handlers how wonderful, brilliant, and insightful they are.  Lizzo and Eilish are singers, and Meloni and Hamill make their livings by pretending to be something they are not. Celebrities are opposed to fascism and closed-mindedness unless it is their own. They are for free speech, except if they hear an opinion they do not like, since, in their world, they are never wrong. Celebrities expect you and I to take drastic steps to save the planet, but do nothing to curtail their lavish lifestyles. If they ever had day-to-day jobs, they have long since forgotten about them. Meloni cannot and will not relate to Boebert who worked day in and day out to improve her lot in life. He cannot and will not relate to the real-life struggles of the people in flyover country, since he considers them a lower form of life, except when they watch him on TV. If Hamill ever got away from his movie set, or strayed from Park City and the Sundance Film Festival and met actual Utah residents in their own neighborhoods, farms, and ranches, I would be surprised.  Which is too bad because I liked Hamill in the original Star Wars Trilogy. Unfortunately, he has unwittingly become a part of something very similar to what Luke Skywalker fought. With Hamill and those of his protected class, we are seeing the saga of Anakin Skywalker acted out in real life.

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And yet, celebrities are not content to enjoy fame and luxury. They feel compelled to lecture and berate other people, even though their expertise does not extend beyond a stage, microphone, or camera. And while you reading this are probably not swayed by “Opinions With the Stars,” there are plenty of people, especially young and future voters, who are. Just scroll through The College Fix or Campus Reform if you doubt me.

The result is cultural leprosy. Leprosy itself is rare but is spread through the bodily fluids of an infected person. Repeated contact can result in infection, and the disease itself may not manifest itself for 20 years. The effects can be devastating. There are eye problems, respiratory issues, kidney failure, and muscle and nerve damage. Sores and lumps will develop across the body and a person can be completely disfigured by the disease. A body rots from within and without and a life is ruined because of leprosy. There is no vaccine against it, but it can be treated with a strong course of antibiotics.

And so these celebrities continue to exhale and spread their opinion as if they were Moses on the Mount. And the leprosy spreads, disfiguring a nation. And the carriers do not know they are infecting others — and might not care if they did.   The antibiotic is your voice and your vote.

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