Hold on to your current doctor as long as you can.  Because the next generation is being turned into woke witch doctors.

Unfortunately my own primary care physician is retiring, and that scares me a bit. She has a good head on her shoulders and tells it like it is. She also hasn’t turned her back on the modern world. And given how difficult it has been to keep me alive, I am grateful to her.

The next generation? They are being trained by ideological morons. As I am nearing 60 I hope all my doctors will be old enough to have escaped the current idiocy. I will definitely view new doctors with skepticism, at the least. Here is a perfect example of why that is:

Every year the incoming class at the University of Minnesota Medical School participates in what is known as the ‘White Coat Ceremony,” where the students are inducted into their chose profession (as students, of course) and asked to take an oath to uphold the values of the medical profession. Of course we normals assume that means embracing the values of the Hippocratic Oath, where doctors promise above all to do no harm.

Well that value went out the window a long time ago, as too many doctors euthanize, mutilate, and propagandize their patients. But it is getting even worse, if you can imagine that. They are now literally being asked to take an oath to respect the wisdom of witch doctors and to reject core tenets of Western medicine and Western society.

Listen to the oath the U of M students were asked to take as they entered medical school:

I first saw this when Campus Reform reported this, and I had intended to write a post about it. But for some reason I forgot to do so. Then I saw Christopher Rufo’s tweet with the actual video and it made me angry all over again. So kudos first to Campus Reform and then Christopher Rufo for reminding us all how insane the world has become.

Students began the oath by stating, “Our institution is located on Dakota land…We commit to uprooting the legacy and perpetuation of structural violence deeply embedded within the health care system.”

“We recognize the inequities built by past and present traumas rooted in white supremacy, colonialism, the gender binary, ableism, and all other forms of oppression,” the oath continued.

UMMS Media Relations Manager Kat Dodge told Campus Reform that “[i]t is a common practice at medical schools in the United States to build upon the intent of the Hippocratic Oath to promote humility, integrity, and beneficence.”

“Each year at the University of Minnesota Medical School, the incoming students work with faculty to write an oath that reflects these core elements, values, and ethics the class aspires to uphold,” Dodge explained.

The medical students pledged “to honor all Indigenous ways of healing” that are “historically marginalized by Western medicine.

UMMS students also committed to climate advocacy stating, “health is intimately connected to our environment, we commit to healing our planet and communities.”

“In light of [the white coats’Heal] legacy as a symbol of power, prestige, and dominance, we strive to reclaim their identity as a symbol of responsibility, humility, and loving-kindness,” the oath concluded.

The entirety of the oath was printed in the flyer handed out at the ceremony, and I have taken screenshots of it:

Most of the oath is anodyne, but there are some real doozies in there. Of all things, I want my doctor to be committed to Western medicine. If I wanted a witch doctor I would go to one. More power to you if that is your thing, but when I show up at the hospital I want them to leave aside the smoking herbs and sweat lodges.

And frankly I don’t want my doctor spending her time worried about white supremacy, colonialism, ableism, or anti-racism. The last thing I need is a doctor thinking that perhaps striking a blow for equity is her job instead of healing me, a cis white man. Or worse, being committed to the idea that ableism is a prejudice and perhaps I shouldn’t want that leg healed up properly after I broke it. Wanting to be fully able is a prejudice of which I should be disabused….

There is no profession that is immune from the woke invasion. Scientific American claimed that the gender binary was invented in the 18th century, for God’s sake. Apparently the invention of male and female sexes took place at the same time as the American Revolution, proving once again that this is a patriarchal country.

The University of Minnesota is a public university, and after the election I am going to call up every legislator I can and ask them what can be done to stop this madness. It is one thing to ask people to be nice to as many people as possible, and to honor people from diverse background.

It is quite another to demand that the next generation of doctors become woke devotees of Indigenous medicine. No! Stop it! Now!!!!

I have no idea how we address this. The people in charge of our institutions are supposed to be the adults in the room whose job it is to hold back the impetuous idiocy of the youth. Now they are the opposite. They are corruptors of the young, and the greatest enemies of our civilization.

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