OK, guys. So at what point can the Democrats of the United States of America just come together and agree that John Fetterman is a terrible political candidate who would make a terrible senator and has absolutely no business whatsoever being anywhere near the levers of American governmental power? Is this the point? Are we there yet?

Holy hell.

His awful politics aside, we feel for the guy. He suffered a stroke and is lucky to be alive and mobile and verbal. But he is decidedly not OK. His vulnerability is not charming or endearing or heartening or empowering ,no matter what New York Magazine tries to tell you. The guy has got serious problems, and only a few weeks away from the midterm elections, not even MSNBC — who will pretty much go to the mat for any Democrat — can ignore the warning signs.

It’s a solid yikes from us, dawg.

He’s not. He can’t. And he can’t.

And, like with Biden, we see right through it. Please, Pennsylvania Dems, for the love of God, find someone else. For your sake and for Fetterman’s.


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