For someone who claims to not know exactly what “woke” means, Army Sec. Christine Wormuth is doing a great job of infusing it into every aspect of the Army; Wormuth says diversity, equity, and inclusion are important to soldiers.

“You know we get criticized, frankly, sometimes for being woke, I’m not sure what woke means,” Wormuth said sharply. “But first of all I would say, if woke means we are not focused on war fighting, we are not fighting on readiness, that doesn’t reflect what I see at installations all around the countries or overseas when I go to visit.”

What does Wormuth see? Just Critical Race Theory principles being carried out — no wokeism here!

“But I think we do have a wide range of soldiers in our Army,” she added. and I think we have to make them feel included. That’s why a lot of our diversity, equity, and inclusion programs are important.”

Watch the clip below. [h/t The Daily Wire]

From The Daily Wire:

Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Jimmy Byrne observed that “Nearly every branch has struggled to meet its recruitment goals for 2022, with some falling as short as 40%. Worse yet, only about a quarter of America’s youth meet current eligibility standards — and recent surveys show only 9% are even interested.”

Those numbers can’t be explained by factors caused pandemic. At the time Byrne’s column was written, America had an unemployment rate of 3.6% nearly identical to the unemployment rate in 2019. Under President Donald Trump, the military exceeded its recruiting goals. Teenage obesity, perhaps another explanatory factory, only rose by three percent. The military is even giving out gigantic bonuses to entice Americans,  but nothing is working.

As pointed out by Byrne, one explanation could be “the wholesale embrace of woke politics.”

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