As we told you earlier, Independent journalist and MSNBC columnist Eric Michael Garcia defended Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman’s honor by suggesting that having a stroke is just like needing a wheelchair or hearing aids:

It’s a monumentally intellectually dishonest — not to mention completely asinine — comparison to draw. But the liberal media at large is simply too desperate to defend a Democratic candidate to stop and consider how utterly ridiculous they sound.

For what it’s worth, NBC News’ Dasha Burns, who conducted the in-person interview with Fetterman that’s got the journos all riled up, has thus far defended herself from the critics and is standing by her honest reporting. Hopefully she will continue to do so despite all the firefighters who are coming for her and white-knighting for Fetterman, who clearly has no business being a candidate for any political office. Tweeter Damin Toell has been watching the journos and blue-checks with a combination of irritation and amusement, and he’s collected some of the best insanity in a Twitter thread, which we’re going to share with you now.

Please to enjoy:

Uh, yeah. We’re right there with you, dude.

Of course Fetterman’s wife is defending him. That’s to be expected. Although we’d like to expect that she would be concerned enough about her husband’s welfare to urge him to withdraw from the race.

The guy can’t even get a complete sentence out. That’s … not “auditory issues.”


Are we absolutely sure that none of these people are suffering from cognitive impairments of their own?

These people are so pathetic. And transparent. Transparently pathetic. And pathetically transparent.



NBC News’ Dasha Burns defends her honest reporting on John Fetterman from angry lib journos


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