Clips from a recent interview with Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman have yet again contributed to questions about his fitness to serve in Congress.

However, CNN analyst Kirsten Powers is calling those kinds of questions “ableist,” and defended Fetterman as any person with inside medical information and newfound aversion to Republicans would:

It seems that Powers has more information than everybody else when it comes to Fetterman’s health.

Perhaps Fetterman’s medical records are yet another CNN “exclusive” (kind of like the Steele dossier).

Some talking points have obviously been sent around when it comes to covering for Fetterman.

These kinds of excuses are also used when it comes to President Biden’s, er… mental glitches.

Which is part of the reason Fetterman has a computer program display questions on a screen in front of him instead of just using a hearing aid and somebody with hearing loss would do. But hey, who are we to argue with the doctors who contribute to CNN?



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