Most of the big news outlets have “media reporters” now who report on what other outlets are doing, such as Brian Stelter’s continual updates on Fox News. The Associated Press says David Bauder is a national media writer, and he authored a piece for the AP Wednesday reporting that an NBC News reporter’s interview with Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman “drew criticism.”

As you certainly know, the reporter’s crime was saying that the interview was conducted via closed captioning because Fetterman was having auditory problems and thus had trouble understanding the questions when they were asked allowed. Democrats have gone nuts Wednesday, accusing the reporter of “ableism” and asking how Republican Gov. Greg Abbott can govern Texas from a wheelchair.

Bauder writes:

“This is just nonsense,” business reporter and podcaster Kara Swisher, who had a stroke herself in 2011, said on Twitter. “Maybe this reporter is just bad at small talk.”

Swisher recently conducted an interview with Fetterman for her podcast and said, “I was really quite impressed with how well he’s doing. Everyone can judge for themselves.” Swisher has called attacks on Fetterman because of his health “appalling.”

A New York magazine reporter, Rebecca Traister, who interviewed the candidate for a cover story titled “The Vulnerability of John Fetterman,” tweeted that his “comprehension is not at all impaired. He understands everything. It’s just that he reads it and responds in real time … It’s a hearing/auditory challenge.”

Lefty journos are upset, film at 11.

Democrats pounce! On another Democrat!


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