As Daily Wire host Candace Owens prepared to drop the hammer on Black Lives Matter with a new documentary exposing the organization’s shady financial dealings, its founder was sprucing up her pricey L.A. home, Ben Shapiro noted Wednesday.

Patrice Cullors, BLM’s 39-year-old founder and former leader, just finished renovations on the $1.4 million Topanga Canyon home that included a “plunge pool” and backyard sauna, Shapiro told his vast podcast and radio show. The development coincided with Owens’ explosive and eagerly anticipated documentary, “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold,” which will be available to Daily Wire members Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.

“If you want to know more about the complete waste of money and propaganda promoted by the Black Lives Matter movement, check out Candace Owens’ brand-new documentary,” Shapiro said. “Candace goes through everything regarding the George Floyd killing, as well as the Black Lives Matter associated movement that poured tens of millions of dollars into the pockets of people who look like they pretty much just absconded with the cash.”


After Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer who was later convicted of murder, BLM raised an estimated $80 million from individuals and corporations eager to denounce police brutality and racism. Riots spread across the nation, causing billions in damages in big cities and small towns alike. When Owens began to question the media spin on social media, she found herself under fire.

“Back in June 2020, Candace Owens took to social media to question the narrative about George Floyd to a barrage of criticism,” Daily Wire co-founder Shapiro said. “As a result, celebrities insulted her. GoFundMe deplatformed her.”

But Owens found a home at Daily Wire, where she now hosts a wildly popular podcast of her own, and which produced the documentary.

“I know you’ve been waiting for it for months,” Shapiro said. “At this point, because of our members, we are able to create a thriving alternative platform and pursue the truth wherever it leads.

“Remember, we’re speaking for you,” he continued. “We are fighting for your values. Free speech is our greatest weapon with the left’s iron grip on culture and the mainstream media.”

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