After both her interview and reporting about her interview with Fetterman, NBC News reporter Dasha Burns has become a focal point of a lot of anger and pushback on the left.

We reported yesterday that Burns had said that during her small talk with Fetterman before the interview, “it did seem that he had a hard time understanding our conversations.”

Some journalist and podcasters are claiming that their interactions with Fetterman have been just fine, that he had no problems understanding and conversing with them:

Here’s a few tweets just to give you some idea.

Burns was asked about this on NBC’s Today Show this morning, and she pointed out that, via Fetterman’s campaign, all of these other interviews with Fetterman were via remote video conference. She was the first to be in the same room with him:

Burns adds that it wasn’t just her who thought Fetterman had difficulty conversing with them. She said: “Myself, my producer and our crew did find that small talk, before that captioning, was difficult because of those auditory processing issues I mentioned.”

If Fetterman loses, the left will surely blame Burns. The question is will NBC News stand with her or throw her under the bus, because you know the left will try to cancel her over this…

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