As Twitchy reported Tuesday, Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland has seen a 582 percent increase in the number of students who identify as “gender nonconforming” in the past two years. What could possibly explain it, other than the school providing them with an inclusive safe space where they can be who they are?

Here’s Christopher Rufo, one of the “stochastic terrorists” setting his unhinged followers loose against another doctor who just wants to provide medical care to transgender children. She says demand for gender-affirming surgery has increased five-fold over the past five years. She also notes that 18 is the age of consent … but if a girl’s testes have become non-functional, you should treat them like an appendix and have them removed immediately. But we were assured that puberty blockers and hormones were totally reversible.

Tandy Aye, huh?

Because by then it would have been too late to halt puberty, and the child almost certainly would have committed suicide without gender-affirming treatment.

If this clip is from 2019, then we’d bet “five-fold” is low.

In related news, watch this:

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