Posted by Kane on October 12, 2022 1:36 am


New podcast debuted yesterday

We had grown our audience from zero viewers a night two years earlier to between 250 and 300 thousand viewers a night. “Stinchfield” was up over 12% from May of 2021 to May of 2022. On any given night, we were the 2nd or 3rd highest rated show on the network. We were America First, pro Trump and proud of it. It’s why I am launching a podcast today that will be Unbiased and Uncensored. To insure what happened to me at Newsmax will never happen to me again.

Two high-level executives told me it was a “game day decision” as to what host would be ousted to make room for the former Fox News and CNN talker Greta Van Susteren. Earlier in the week, I had counseled my fellow hosts that it would be a simple lineup shift, and not to worry. I was clearly wrong, even though two days before my ouster, one top executive promised me “you job is safe.” The reality is, at Newsmax, only the CEO Chris Ruddy actually knows what direction the network is headed.

So why cancel “Stinchfield?” If you ask Newsmax, it will tell you what it told me. I didn’t make enough “ratings inroads” against Tucker Carlson, my direct competition at 8 pm. The Fox News host dominates prime time for good reason. He is smart, entertaining and he thinks outside the box. I would argue building an audience from zero to 300-thousand is inroads, but clearly not enough inroads for Newsmax higher-ups.

To gain ratings Newsmax wanted me to go on the attack. Executives told me I need to go after Tucker Carlson with a vengeance. I cringed. In my mind, Tucker Carlson is next in line to President Trump as the leader of the Republican Party. Why would I go after a man who has done so much to defend freedom in America? I pushed back. Newsmax did not like that. In an effort to appease them, I found small nuances I disagreed with Tucker on. I would focus on those, hoping it would be good enough. It wasn’t.

I was told to attack him nightly. I gently refused. Newsmax executives got frustrated. I wouldn’t budge. I have always prided myself on remaining true to my values and the standards I set for myself. Morally I felt it was wrong to attack Tucker Carlson. Not only did I agree with him on nearly every issue, but I have always believed there is strength in numbers and strong conservative voices need to stick together. Fox News may have strayed from the conservative values it was built on, but Fox News is not the enemy, and neither is Tucker Carlson.

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