Remember that entire news cycle that revolved around mounted Border Patrol officers whipping Haitian migrants? It was complete BS, of course. But that didn’t stop the media from running with it. Didn’t stop the Biden administration from running with it, either.

And when DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas ran with it, that was the ultimate slap in the face to those officers. Because of all people in the Biden administration, Mayorkas is the one who should have known the truth.

Well, we’ve always known that Mayorkas knew the truth. And now, there’s proof:

Don’t expect a response, Bill. At least until they’ve had the opportunity to confer with their top spin doctors on this.

And even a top spin doctor would know that there’s really no way to spin this that will make Mayorkas and the Biden administration look good here.

How is it not impeachable?

It’s outrageous. Genuinely outrageous.

Mayorkas needs to go. The entire Biden administration needs to go.

And you know what? While we’re at it, the entire media palace guard can GTFO.

Yamiche Alcindor was out there leading the charge to smear the Border Patrol agents. She deserves to lose her job. She’s deserved to lose her job for a lot of things. A whole lot of people should be unemployed over this.



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