We live in an age of horrific wonders, signs, portents, and a news cycle of Lovecraftian dimensions. Nothing is off the table these days. For example, Mexico is suing five gun retailers in Arizona.

The Mexican government issued a press release on Monday announcing that it is filing suit against Diamondback Shooting Sports, Inc., SNG Tactical, LLC, and Loan Prairie, LLC, known as The Hub Target Sports, all in Tucson, as well as Ammo A-Z, LLC in Phoenix and Sprague’s Sports, Inc. in Yuma. The suit claims that these companies have illicitly sold military-style weapons to straw purchasers to be trafficked to “criminal organizations.” The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Tucson.

The press release stresses that the suit  is not intended to infringe on Second Amendment rights but rather:

“The lawsuit is part of a multifaceted strategy by the Government of Mexico to stop the avalanche of guns, particularly assault weapons, coming from the United States that empower criminal groups, cause bloodshed in Mexico and contribute to drug trafficking to the United States.”

The Mexican government asserts that the retailers do not comply with safeguards, cause foreseeable damage, “use misleading and tendentious advertising,” and sell guns that can be turned into automatic weapons. This, according to the suit, has disturbed the public order and caused “enormous damage in Mexico.”

The attorneys for the case are Steve Shadowen of Shadowen PLLC in the leftist enclave of Austin, Texas, and Jonathan Lowy of Global Action on Gun Violence in Washington, D.C. Just the News notes that in September, Mexico filed a suit against U.S. gun manufacturers in the District Court in Boston. The court ruled that the country did not have a case for protection because of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act of 2005. Mexico is confident that this new lawsuit will bolster its chances for success in the previous one.

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I am not a lawyer, but one might surmise that Arizona and Texas might have grounds for a lawsuit against Mexico. Mexico has knowingly allowed criminal activity in its own country to infiltrate the United States. It has failed or chosen not to stop human traffickers, the distribution of fentanyl and other drugs, and the incursion of cartels into the United States. Mexico has also allowed millions of people to breach U.S. borders, placing undue stress on infrastructure and resources, and increasing the crime rate in this country.

But then again, I suppose there may be a precedent. Does anyone remember Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama Administration’s attempt to track illegal gun sales to criminals in Mexico? The operation in which the DOJ allowed weapons to be trafficked to Mexico? The one that resulted in the death of a border agent and Mexican citizens? Anyone? Anyone?

This is textbook progressivism: blame the problems you have created on someone else. Then use those problems to achieve an end, in this case, gun control. And I have trouble believing that the Mexican government came up with this idea all on its own. Someone wants to infringe on Second Amendment rights. Likely the same people in the United States who turn a blind eye to the problem at the border to bolster voter roles.

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