Over the weekend, Kanye West landed — deservedly, we must add — in hot water for an antisemitic tweet. He took a major beating on social media that culminated in his getting suspended from multiple platforms, including Twitter.

It’s in light of that that we have to ask why this tweet from aspiring U.S. Representative from South Carolina Gregg Marcel Dixon doesn’t seem to have the Twitter Police in any hurry to swarm him:

Screenshotted, just because:


Oh yes, says Dixon:


Richard Spencer, too. Maybe we can get a comment from him when he finishes his next CNN hit.

Well, fortunately, enough voters had the good sense to reject him. He lost his Democratic primary race in June.

He also appears to have lost his mind:

That tweet reads like John Fetterman wrote it. Did Dixon have a stroke while he was writing it?

Good question.


Eh, don’t be so sure about that, Marcel. Twitter’s kept Louis Farrakhan around for saying even worse stuff than you.


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