The invaluable Christopher Rufo has outed another ghoulish doctor who is anxious to mutilate children. This time, the offender is Tandy Aye, who is a professor at Stanford University’s Children’s Health Specialty Services.

As you would expect, the deeper you dig into the child mutilation business, the more troubling the results.

But the more clarifying as well, since Aye admits what other gender bender doctors refuse to: putting kids on hormones to block puberty is a decision with permanent, not temporary ramifications. Once you start the hormonal “transition,” children are rendered sterile and can’t turn back the clock. None of that ridiculous argument about “putting a pause on puberty” that other hormone pushers are claiming.

Put your kid on hormones, say goodbye to any chance at a normal future. And kids are being put on hormones prior to puberty–meaning that children who have just turned the corner into using double digits for their age are being encouraged to make decisions that will change their lives forever. Just as young pubescent girls are getting their breasts removed to aid in “transitioning.”

Aye’s argument in her TED-x talk is pretty simple: since we have already rendered a child sterile, why not chop off the offending organs? Removing a “girls” non-functioning testes while still a minor just makes sense, in the same way removing an inflamed appendix does. The organ does nothing useful anyway, so chop those testes off. And since they have been sterilized anyway, they already are informed about the consequences.

If you have the slightest doubt that these doctors are going after kids who are even younger than 10, watch this video I found at Stanford Medicine’s Children’s Health Specialty Center’s Pediatric and Adolescent Gender Clinic. Please take a moment to get a sense of how sick these people are. The child narrator is clearly in the 4-6 year-old range, so nowhere near even 10 years old:

As you would expect given how topsy-turvy our world is today, Stanford Children’s is ranked one of the best hospitals in the country for their specialty.

At every step along the way the goalposts keep moving. “Gender Affirming Care” specialists have gone from “we don’t do anything permanent” when kids are minors to “we don’t do surgery on children” to “sure we do surgery on children, but not on genitals,” to “of course we should do genital surgery on children” because we permanently sterilized them already, so what is the point of having genitals anyway?

As Aye notes in her talk, children identifying as gender dysphoric have increased in number by 500% over the past 5 years. She acts as if this is perfectly normal and as proof that we should accelerate the rate at which we sterilize and mutilate children, rather than as a huge red flag that something other than a medical condition is involved in this trend.

That something, by the way, is the systematic recruiting of children by doctors, educators, corporations such as Disney, and the entire Leftist establishment. Children are not being treated, they are being lured. And there are big bucks at stake, and of course locking in a whole generation of voters for Leftist politics is a nice bonus as well.

If you are not yet committed to stopping these child abusers, it’s time to start rising up. An entire generation of children is being harmed permanently. We failed to stop the COVIDiots from harming kids’ educations; the least we can do is save them from genital mutilation as well.

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