During a recent man-on-the-street interview with a gay man, Steven Crowder said that he had spent the day asking people if they were proud to be Americans. People of all colors and sexes said they were, except white women. He commented:

“I have a joke in standup, ‘We don’t need to build a wall on the southern border, we need one around every single Pottery Barn. Just seal them in until 2025.’ Because they all become teachers, sorry, true heroes, and they have never worked in the private sector, most of them are public school teachers. We’ve even said this today, look, you’re a gay man, you know this better than I do. If you see a woman and she’s attractive, and she’s with a man, she’s happy, she’s conservative. If you see a woman who’s past the point of her window, and she’s single, she’s miserable or she’s unattractive, she’s always liberal.”

He added that the only demographic with which Joe Biden enjoys favorability is suburban white women. He also said that these women are trying to speak for the gays, blacks, Hispanics, etc.

Before someone screams “Misogyny!” consider the following:

Members of the faculty of Texas Tech are planning a pre-emptive strike against an appearance at the college by Kayleigh McEnaney. The event is sponsored by Young Conservatives of Texas and is slated for this Saturday. McEnaney will talk about her time as press secretary for Donald Trump. The plan is to reserve as many tickets as possible and then have no one show up. The faculty members have been posting the idea on social media, and judging by a piece on Campus Reform, those objecting to McEnaney’s appearance are almost exclusively female.

Theater and dance professor Ali Duffy posted, “Oh, goodie, a real live fascist is coming to town. Would be a real shame if we all registered for a free event ticket and then not be able to go!” Assistant Librarian Sabrina Davis commented, “Registering as many times as I can while drinking wine sounds like a perfect way to spend my Friday evening.” Mirandi Scolari, who holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Psychological Sciences, suggested that everyone instead opt to see Beto O’Rourke at the at the Frazier Alumni Pavilion on Oct. 11.  Someone calling themselves Hannah GribbleBell said, “Got my ticket! Unfortunately I think I’ll be vacuuming the lawn or maybe shampooing the car that day. Alas.”

There was at least one man, graduate teaching assistant Richard Elliott Martin, who said he planned to get a ticket since he would be in Richmond, Va., that day. Sigh. There’s always one beta trying to score some points.

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I am tempted to make a joke about telling these ladies to chill out with a nice box of wine. I still may, I’m not done writing this yet. But as rife with comedic possibilities as this story is, Campus Reform also talked with one graduate who said that, as a student, she attended liberal events, but would be interested to hear what McEnaney has to say. She was frustrated by the posts.

As someone who grew up with an ardent left-wing feminist for a mother, I recognize anger when I see it. I also recognize a need to achieve and maintain power. But in this case, I recognize fear as well. McEnaney scares the hell out of these people. Unlike these women, McEnaney is a woman of faith who is happily married with children and is also an accomplished professional. She can be tough without sacrificing her femininity and has even dealt with the specter of cancer without losing her focus. And worse yet, she dares to think differently than they do.

McEnaney is living proof that these people are wrong. And they cannot deal with that. They live in the perpetual twilight of loathing other people almost as much as they loathe themselves. To listen to what McEnaney might have to say and to even validate her existence is in direct contradiction to the idea that life must be a continual struggle against the patriarchy. And no one wants to risk losing their life’s purpose.

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