You probably don’t remember this story, but back in 2019 in Birmingham, England, an elementary school that was largely Muslim ran up against the school’s “No Outsiders” project, which aimed to celebrate difference and diversity, fight homophobia, and teach children about the U.K.’s Equality Act of 2010, which took previous anti-discrimination laws and brought them all under one happy LGBTQIA+ umbrella. It turned out that Muslim parents weren’t thrilled with their elementary-age children being fed an LGBTQIA-friendly curriculum.

A month later, the school dropped the “No Outsiders” project after hundreds of parents pulled their children from the school for a day in protest.

Dearborn, Michigan, is largely Muslim, and there, too, parents aren’t thrilled to see sexually explicit books like “Gender Queer” in the schools. They turned out in huge numbers. We’re certain Attorney General Merrick Garland would have had the FBI arrest these domestic terrorists.

So who wins in the fight between woke white liberals and traditional Muslim parents?

It’s nothing for the progressive Left to dismiss Christians as mindless sheep, but what about Muslims?

The Muslims prevailed in the U.K. Let’s see what happens here.


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