Yesterday we told you about an MSNBC reporter describing her interview with Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman, and it was clear she thought something was very wrong:

For starters, the reporter noted that Fetterman has a transcription program on his computer.

It’s clear why the Fetterman campaign would really rather not have their candidate debate Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz. Speaking of a planned debate, Fetterman had this exchange:

That’s one of the biggest “no, but yes” answers we’ve ever seen.


The media keeps trying to help Fetterman across the finish line, in spite of his denials about past comments on crime:

LOL! Please. Does Fetterman know that the technology now exists to record the things he’s said in the past?

Does Fetterman really believe that’s what most voters are thinking?

Joe Concha called Fetterman’s interview a turning point in the Pennsylvania race (as the polls keep tightening):

Real Clear Politics currently rates the Oz/Fetterman race as a toss-up.



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