Little did NBC News’ Dasha Burns know that when she was honest about John Fetterman’s struggles to get through her recent interview with him, she’d be kicking a hornet’s nest full of journalists who were suddenly very much against questioning the cognitive abilities of a political candidate.

Now, the same people who were calling for the 25th Amendment when Donald Trump held a glass of water strangely are defending a Democratic Senate candidate who can’t even reliably get through a sentence without outside help.

For those of you keeping track of all the white knights at home, go ahead and add the Washington Post to your pile:

Well, literally no one has said that being hard of hearing is a sign of deficient intelligence or cognitive ability. Fetterman could be completely deaf, for all we care. Blind, too. Armless, legless, noseless, what have you. The issue is that he had a major stroke this spring and has clearly not recovered enough to be ready or competent enough to run for political office.

Republicans pounced on his incoherence and obvious cognitive impairments!

Did Jenna Beacom also have a stroke? We have to ask, since WaPo is seriously suggesting that losing one’s hearing is just like having a stroke.

That’s great. But if the healthy parts of John Fetterman’s brain are supporting the injured parts, they’re sure taking their sweet time. And, quite frankly, voters don’t have time. The midterms are only a few weeks away and as of right now, Fetterman is in no condition to run for office, let alone serve in the U.S. Senate.

WaPo is throwing everything they’ve got at Fetterman’s critics. Straw men, false equivalencies, straight-up dishonesty … you name it.

You can actually smell the media’s desperation. It absolutely reeks.

Carrying water … and spilling it all over themselves.

You know it.

Do these so-called “journalists” even hear themselves? Or do they need closed captioning, too?



BuzzFeed’s white-knighting for John Fetterman includes suggesting that Dasha Burns’ honesty will increase violence against the disabled


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