In my post on Angie Craig’s fake Republican yesterday I mocked Fox 9’s Theo Keith and more or less invited him to tune in to the story. He has served up his fact-check here.

Dave Vesledahl is Angie Craig’s fake Republican endorser. As we noted yesterday and as Keith now confirms, “Vesledahl voted in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, according to a voter file Republicans sent to FOX 9.” I say he’s not a fake Republican. I don’t know what Keith says. Keith adds: “In a statement from Craig’s campaign, Vesledahl said he voted for both Republicans and Democrats in 2020.”

Vesledahl says he used to be a Republican. A truthful ad might have blasted: “Former Republican endorses Angie Craig.”

Vesledahl supports Craig because his wife is diabetic and Craig supported price controls on insulin. In addition to being a former Republican, if in fact he ever was one, he is clearly a man of high principle. That comes through loud and clear in Craig’s ad featuring Vesledahl.

We add this eyewitness testimony from a local reader:

I live two blocks down from Angie Craig’s home in Eagan, and have to pass her house every day driving to and from work. She lives (in MN) at [address omitted]. Well, for a year and a half she had a yard sign by her bushes just underneath their front window which read Black Lives Matter. Then in the early part of July she switched it out for a sign that reads Thank You Eagan Police!

I knew just then that election season had officially begun. And since that day, that sign has inched closer and closer to the road as though somebody really wants everyone to know that she’s pro-law enforcement. I’ve gotten into the habit of viewing it as a barometer of how her reelection campaign is going. I figure she moves the sign closer to the road the more her internal polling shows a close race. And if that’s the case, it must be either a really close race or she’s getting beat because that sign is practically protruding into the road now to the extent that I’ve almost sideswiped the damn thing a few times when passing incoming traffic going in the opposite direction.

Below is the video in issue. Meet Dave Vesledahl, Angie Craig’s fake Republican — and man of high principle.

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