Guys, it’s getting spooky out there. Ok, spookier, and not because it’s almost Halloween.


Wait, am I allowed to say spooky? Or is that on the list of words our pals in the Woke Outrage Frothy-Mouth Movement have deemed a big no-no? It’s so hard to keep up with what does and doesn’t offend the lovely little garden gnomes that I’ve pretty much given up trying … which brings me to the point of this article.

Here at Twitchy, we work day and night to provide up-to-date news and commentary in a way that informs and (hopefully) AMUSES you. Hey, we know some of this “stuff” is horrible to read so a little bit of snark and a whole lot of mockery make it a bit more bearable. Whether we’re covering Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden himself, or some sort of lunatic on Twitter, you can count on us to be here 24/7 pulling zero punches and fighting back as only we can.

Ok, fine, 22/7 – sometimes we need a nap.

And now, we need your help.


Big Tech, and now Big Banks, regularly collude with Democrats in government to silence conservative voices and censor the news that matters most. They regularly bury the facts that they know can and will hurt their heroes on the Left and ultimately even influence elections.

See 2020.

Ahem. *adjusts tinfoil*


You can help us in our fight to provide accurate information that matters to you and to the future of the country by becoming a VIP member today. Our team of writers consistently reports on stories that matter (and make us laugh and shake our heads) while diving into the culture wars that will define who we are as a nation and what we stand for.

Sounds super deep and meaningful, right? It is!

I hope you’ll directly support our team of conservative snarkologists today. Your membership ensures that we stay in the fight to expose the truth about what matters most, and we need you more than ever.

For example, look what they did to Catturd:

Sounds like they’re trying to cancel him over wrong-think.

And c’mon, we all know Twitchy falls into the realm of “wrong-think” especially when it comes to the Left. Heck, John Fugelsang recently called us an “amoral attack site,” how can you NOT want to be a part of that?

Help us keep owning the libs (yeah, we love that joke, it makes them so fussy!), and sign up today.

Oh, and use promo code SAVEAMERICA here for 40% off your membership.



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