Imagine how lame Democrats are … to doctor pictures of a Latina to try and scare voters.

This is just freakin’ pathetic.

From The Daily Mail:

A campaign ad from Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez features a harsh, edited picture of opponent Rep. May Flores (R), against whom he is competing in a Texas congressional race this November.

The ad, which focused on school safety and gun control, was posted Monday to Gonzalez’s Twitter. It targeted Flores for her first congressional vote against the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act in the weeks following the massacre at a Uvalde, Texas school.

The ad uses an edited picture of Flores that was originally posted to her Instagram in early 2022.

And here’s their photo:

Forget about what they’re trying to do here, and that’s make her into a scary, gun-toting MONSTER, but the Photoshop itself is just really poor. You’d think Democrats would at least try and pay for someone to do a professional job, right? That just looks like some idiot on Twitter got ahold of her picture and morphed it.

Democrats, always keeping it classy.

Sadly, it’s all too believable.

Purty much.

Pretty sure we don’t want to find out.

Vote accordingly.



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