People who are questioning John Fetterman’s fitness to serve in the Senate after having a stroke are being accused of “ableism.” Not only that, but Buzzfeed’s reporting that an MSNBC journo who simply pointed out that Fetterman relied on a computer transcription program during her interview with him will increase violence against the disabled.

However, imagine if the parties were reversed…

There’s actually a real-life example that shows what can happen when the roles are reversed:

From the Washington Post:

Back in 2010, the Chicago Tribune endorsed Republican Rep. Mark Kirk for Senate, citing his “expertise and independence.” He won.

But today, as Kirk faces a very tough reelection bid, the paper is endorsing his opponent. And it’s offering a very blunt and likely controversial reason for not backing Kirk again: the stroke he suffered in 2012.

The paper’s endorsement of Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) over Kirk is remarkable for the degree to which it references Kirk’s stroke and his — in its estimation — lack of a full recovery.

A “full recovery” seemed to be the benchmark in 2016, but it would be “ableist” to suggest the same for the Democrat Senate candidate in Pennsylvania.

It was “fair to ask” then, but it seems that’s not fair to ask now, at least according to many.




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