Yesterday, Pennsylvania Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman deployed a new line of attack against his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Old and busted: I’m perfectly healthy and I should be your next U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

The new hotness: Dr. Oz is perfectly healthy and he should not be your next U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

That’s actually a terrible line of attack, as we and a whole bunch of other people pointed out. But evidently Fetterman missed the memo, because today, he’s leaning into the health-shaming even harder:

What? No, seriously. What?

So not only is he doubling down on the fact that Dr. Oz’s health is somehow a liability to the Oz campaign, but he’s also reminding us once again that he himself is not healthy.

And not only that, but he’s actually accusing Dr. Oz of exploiting Americans with health problems. In recent years, Dr. Oz has acquired a reputation as something of a celebrity quack (shout-out to Oprah Winfrey), but before that, he was a legitimate medical doctor who actively saved the lives of not-perfectly-healthy Americans.

It’s almost like John Fetterman is looking for the worst possible arguments against Dr. Oz and absolutely running with them. Right over the edge of the cliff.

And if Pennsylvania voters have any sense at all, they won’t follow him.



‘All hands on deck’: WaPo tosses out straw men, false equivalencies, and straight-up dishonesty in defense of John Fetterman’s impairments


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