Katie Hobbs can’t even answer a reporter’s questions but thinks she can be governor. REALLY?

Ok, so we were willing to (sort of) give Katie the benefit of the doubt after she totally blew a simple question about one thing she’s learned from the Latino community but man, this video of her running away from a Project Veritas reporter, making a huge mess in the process, and then HIDING IN A BATHROOM really seals the deal.

It’s bad enough that she won’t just debate Kari Lake, but you’d think she could answer a few questions.

Train. Wreck.


Both Hobbs AND her spokesman hiding in bathrooms.


This can’t be real life, right?

We see what they did here.

She left that for the business, like a good Democrat.

Oh, and that GUN in his car?! WHAT THE?!

Rules for thee but not for me … eh Katie?



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