Inflation went up again in September.


Wow, that seems like a huge number all by itself, right? But when you realize it’s really just an overall rate of inflation and look at inflation for different items Americans need to buy and use every day it’s far more terrifying.

As if the highest inflation rate in 40 years wasn’t scary enough.

Look at this (the eggs!!!):

Eggs … a basic staple. But you know, Democrats want us focused on abortion and stuff.

Bread, 14.7%.

Gasoline, 18.2%.

MILK, 15.2%.

Americans are seeing this every time they go to the store and have gone from buying what they need to figuring out what they can do without.

This is Biden’s economy.

An economy where normal, everyday Americans have to do without.

HA! Men’s clothes have gone up the least.

Fair point.

Ain’t you fancy?



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