I haven’t followed this closely but it seems like every day now there is some new report of outrageous behavior by Darrell Brooks, the man on trial for killing six people and injuring dozens more during a Wisconsin Christmas parade. Brooks is representing himself in the case and that frequently leads to outbursts that don’t make much sense. Today, Brooks reportedly went on a 50 minute rant demanding his case be dismissed.

Brooks then went on a lengthy 50-minute rant calling for the case to be dismissed…

“There’s so many clear biases and questions that are not being asked based on judicial determinations made by your Honor,” said Brooks. “At minimum, I deserve for the subject matter jurisdiction to be verified and proven. I’ve raised that issue many times, pretty much every day. My filings have been disregarded. I haven’t gotten written copies of any of them.”

He went on to say, “I’m still not even understanding the nature and cause of the charges,” asking, “How can the proceedings continue when there are so many things that haven’t been provided?”

“I’m without so much information, valid information to this matter, and I believe that it should be verified and it should be proven for the record, and if not, I move for this case to be dismissed,” said Brooks.

He also said Dorow should “recuse yourself from the presiding at this point if you’re not going to abide by the oath that you swore to protect the Constitution of the United States.”

“You swore to protect we, the people,” said Brooks. “That is not being done here if every valid claim that I raise is taken by the court as disrespect.”…

After 50 minutes, Judge Dorow stopped Brooks, noting he had “repeated yourself a number of times.” She gave the state a chance to respond.

Some the arguments Brooks has been making repeatedly are along the lines that he is a sovereign citizen and also that he does not know anyone named Darrell Brooks. Here’s an example of the latter after Brooks was identified by a witness yesterday.

After his 50 minute rant today the judge finally cut him off and asked prosecutors if they had a response. They noted that his sovereign citizen claims were nonsense.

Over and over you get the impression Brooks is trying to provoke the judge into an outburst. Here’s an instance where he is mocking the judge under his breath for correcting him.

I guess the goal here is to generate some sort of evidence of bias by irritating the judge until she seems irritated. Here he is muttering again, prompting the judge to respond “Not now!” Brooks then starts an argument with the judge over his sovereign citizens claims, interrupting her and demanding she “Prove it!”

Somehow Judge Dorow is managing to remain calm despite repeated behavior that wouldn’t be tolerated in any court.

There was one moment today when Brooks wasn’t acting like a smart ass. The medical examiner testified today about an autopsy she performed on one of the child victims of the Christmas parade attack, an 8-year-old boy named Jackson Sparks. She came very close to breaking down in tears when discussing the extent of the injuries that caused his death.

That seemed to get to Brooks, if only momentarily. It was his turn to cross examine the medical examiner and he needed a moment.

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