AOC was confronted at her own event by one of her own supporters about HER support for the war in Ukraine which could ultimately lead to nuclear war. Honestly, what we notice about this video is not only how awkward and uncomfortable she get when people aren’t just showering her with adoration, but with how empty the venue is. You’d think the Democrat’s ‘Socialist Darling’ would be able to really pack ’em in, yeah?

Not so much.

Watch this:

Ok, you know AOC had to feel this one. Wow.

It really, really was.

RIGHT?! That was our thought as well. Where are all her adoring psychotic, lemming-like followers?

It does seem like far too many Americans have gotten comfy doing nothing while the country and the world burns. Hey, as long as they keep sending those government checks and Netflix has good movies to watch, right?


She thought he was being rude.


No, Sandy, he was being honest. Getting snide with a supporter as an elected official though? THAT is rude.

Straight from the dude’s Twitter account:

Oh, and if people think they were ‘plants’?


Maybe Sandy should spend a little more time listening to her supporters and a little less time calling them rude.

Guess we should just be glad she did not go this route.



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