As Twitchy readers know, Steve Schmidt really did a number on his once beloved The Lincoln Project, outing the current group as power-hungry, money-grubbing, grifters looking for fame. The irony, of course, is that Steve was pretty much the same when he was there BUT still …

Nobody believes any of them actually formed The Lincoln Project to save the country from mean ol’ Trump. They saw an opportunity to make a name for themselves by pretending to put country over party, they saw a willing audience of lemmings with open wallets, and they saw the fame they never could quite attain running failed campaigns in the past.

Schmidt was as guilty as the rest of them in our humble opinion.

That being said, he did open a serious can of worms, especially around Rick Wilson and his GoFundMe.

Glenn Greenwald went OFF on Wilson:

Rick really is the worst of the worst.

And wow, we had no idea it was THAT much. $65k? For a movie he never made.

Wonder where that money went.

Glenn continued:

And he’s right about this as well. Ok, so the yahoos giving these people their money probably don’t enjoy a ton of sympathy because C’MON ALREADY, but GoFundMe and MSNBC? Where are they? Why didn’t GoFundMe investigate? Why didn’t MSNBC?

How is this not a bigger story?

People they trusted kept building them up.

We certainly hope someone made it worth their while along the way.

Just sayin’.

We are beginning to see a pattern here.




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