Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Instagram star and part-time congresswoman, held a town hall recently. The town hall was not the rousing success AOC had hoped it would be and was interrupted by two constituents who had some concerns, to put it lightly. Fox News has the video, and I suppose if you turn up the volume as far as you can and jam your earbuds in to the point that they almost contact your temporal lobes, you can hear both sides of the “conversation.”

Since the whole thing is a bit difficult to hear, you can see what AOC’s constituents had to say in the video below:

Poor, poor AOC. No tearful poses in a white dress in front of a parking lot. No outraged speeches with the rest of the discount Mouseketeers known as the Squad. No more Met Galas in designer dresses. No Tweets about her boyfriend’s feet or GOP congressmen who want to date her. BTW, were there ever any takers on that? I didn’t think so. Okay, moving on, then. She really wanted to keep things going according to the script. You can hear her admonishing the interlopers for taking time away from disabled participants, and someone helpfully asks a question about BIPOC people. But Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s detractors are not deterred. They want answers as to why AOC has cast her lot with the warmongers, and even go so far as to invoke the name of Tulsi Gabbard. And they are right about Gabbard and AOC. But unlike Gabbard, AOC is more enamored of the idea of being a member of Congress than serving her district. And as such, she has always been clueless when it comes to the reality of running a country. She sees her duties as a legislator as material for her Instagram Reel. And she probably never thought about the people she represents having very real concerns, including those over nuclear war.

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I doubt these gentlemen will switch to the Republican Party in the near or distant future. But like Gabbard, they realize that the Democratic Party, and for that matter the Socialite Socialists, are not as advertised. They are figuring out, as I did long ago, that they were sold a bill of goods. They were expecting Hope and Change 2.0 and got another Vanity Fair hack with a glass of chardonnay in her hand. I get it, boys, I really do. I believed in the Democrats too, once upon a time. As The Who once said, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. And while these two men finally peeked behind the curtain, one wonders how many people WILL get fooled again.

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