Would appear Occupy Democrats got their britches all bunched up over Elon Musk saying most of their followers are bots. To be fair, it doesn’t take much to get them going but c’mon, they had to know this would not go the way they wanted it to, right?

They have roughly half a million followers on Twitter.


If the comments on this tweet prove anything it’s that Elon is right and there are lots and lots of bots following OD.

Oh sure, there’s this …

So they’ve got one real follower.

Lucky them.

You’d think they’d have a lot more since he chimed in but, nope.

Womp womp.

Shew, thanks for doing the math because we were told there would be NO MATH.

Oh yeah. Well, this editor is the REAL-EST … so there!


Program: Bot response .

Look at our lame attempt to write code. Now you see why we just make fun of everyone else for a living.


Tough crowd.


Nope, it really isn’t.

But damn, it’s funny.



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