Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate Mandela Barnes was riding high in August. The state’s Lt. Governor had a 7-point lead in the respected Marquette Law School poll and Senator Ron Johnson — the most vulnerable Republican senator running in 2022 — couldn’t get any traction against the Democrat.

But in September, quotes surfaced that suggested Barnes was in favor of defunding the police and granting lesser bail for most crimes. More recently, Barnes has refused to rule out abortion in the later stages of pregnancy. Those two issues have combined to allow Johnson to portray Barnes as just another Democratic extremist and not right for Wisconsin.

That same Marquette Law School poll now shows Johnson 6 points ahead and beginning to pull away.

In desperation, Barnes has sent out an SOS appeal to former president Barack Obama to come to Wisconsin and energize Democrats to go to the polls on Election Day and propel him into office.

Fox News:

Members of Barnes’ political campaign reached out to Obama’s team in recent days in hopes of getting the popular former president to make an appearance in the final days before Election Day, the outlet reported. Obama isn’t the only high-level Democrat who may appear in Wisconsin soon, however, as Vice President Kamala Harris and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., are reportedly likely to make the trip.

Obviously, Barnes doesn’t care about the political center. He’s interested in getting every far-left Democrat in the state to the polls on Election Day and thinks that the triumvirate of Obama, Harris, and Sanders can pull a rabbit out of a hat and sweep him to victory.

Good luck with that, Mandy.

Mandela’s call for assistance comes after Congressional Republicans raked in tens of millions in donations between July and September. The Congressional Leadership Fund PAC garnered $73 million in donations through the period, $18 million more than its Democratic counterpart.

Johnson was able to score some devastating points against Barnes in the debate on the crime issue.

The panel discussed a moment from the debate between Johnson and Barnes on Friday. Johnson said that he thanks police officers for their service and added, “please don’t be dispirited by the loud few who are trying to defund you.”

Barnes fired back and said he was “sure” Johnson didn’t have the same interaction with the “140 officers that were injured during the January 6 insurrection.”

“Let’s talk about the 140 officers that he left behind because of an insurrection that he supported,” Barnes said.

What? Johnson never “supported” any “insurrection” — nor did anyone except brain-dead Oath Keepers and mouth-breathing Proud Boys. All Johnson did was thank law enforcement for the job they do and told people not to listen to people who want to leave them defenseless.

Johnson isn’t home-free by any means. But it’s going to take a lot more than a visit by the Light Bringer to save him.

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