As Twitchy readers know, AOC’s own supporters showed up to her very sparsely-attended event and went OFF on her for supporting Ukraine, war, and even putting lives at risk in a nuclear conflict. We watched her Twitter feed for most of the day to see if she ever bothered to address the video, or at least apologize to her supporter for calling him RUDE … but nope.

What we did eventually see is her subtweeting Lauren Boebert with a screenshot of her tweet getting all big and bad for her followers.

Notice, Lauren actually tagged AOC in her tweet.

This is what cowards do:

Ironic that she’s accusing Boebert of being ‘too scared’ as she subtweets her.


As you already know, this did not go well for Sandy Pelosi.

She. Sold. Out.


A joke indeed, and not a funny one.

It would be amazing if voters woke up and fired this actress pretending to represent them. It’s New York though, so we’re not holding our breath.

Neocon warmonger.



Yeah, we noticed that too.


We like #SandyPelosi.

It suits her.



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