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We have all seen it: the bleeding-heart journalist who claims to represent the working poor and even be one of them. In reality, many of these folks are secret millionaires or even billionaires with the power to destroy your life while protecting their own.

Take Carlos Maza, for instance, formerly of Vox. A graduate of Wake Forest University (WFU) in North Carolina, Maza is known for pushing extreme left-wing views – views so far-left, in fact, that Vox actually fired him.

Maza offered liberal takes on all sorts of issues, framing himself as one of the little guys. What nobody knew about him, though, is that he is a secret billionaire whose privileged family flies around on private jets to their multiple mansions and hops around private islands on their yachts.

It turns out that Maza’s parents are tech billionaires who raised him in a multimillion-dollar home in Boca Raton, Florida. But none of this was publicly available until after his firing from Vox because the family had some kind of secret arrangement with Google to censor this information from all search results.

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“Until his termination at Vox, there was no Google result you could get that could tell you anything on Carlos Maza’s background. Nothing. A complete memory hole,” revealed the SGT Report.

“For almost 10 years he was able to use his massive platform to cancel anyone he saw fit to & abuse his power unchecked.”

Maza then tried, but failed, to launch a channel on YouTube. What matters, though, is that he is a complete phony in that he pretended to be a working-class socialist while basking in the extravagant wealth of crony capitalism, which on paper and in Vox he vehemently opposes.

Taylor Lorenz is another privileged “TikTok journalist” who gets special treatment online

Another journalistic hypocrite is the infamous Taylor Lorenz, whom we have reported on extensively. Lorenz may or may not be quite as rich as Maza – it is difficult to tell which family has more money stuffed away – but she is still way up there compared to what her work resume suggests.

We know that Lorenz was born to wealthy and privileged elitists in New York City, and was raised in the richest zip code in Connecticut. She attended a private boarding school in Switzerland and graduated from Hobart and William Smith College.

Other than that, there is very little information about Lorenz online – and that is no accident. Like Maza, Lorenz’s family holds major sway in Big Tech, having the ability to purge their private family information from most known corners of the internet.

Lorenz loves to dox people she does not like, including poor, weak and vulnerable people who do not have the same resources she and her family does. But when it comes to being doxed herself, Lorenz loves to cry rivers on the camera about how unfair life is.

Described by many as a “TikTok journalist,” Lorenz is one of the biggest hypocrites in media right now, having made a name for herself as a whining, complaining always-victim who does the very things to others that she herself claims are being done unfairly to her.

Americans need more discerning media sources. It’s not just the corporate fake news networks. Even many in conservative and alternative media are compromised by Big Tech, RINOs, or globalists. Help is COMING SOON:

It turns out that Lorenz’s mom and uncle are the mega-rich children of R. McDonald, a very powerful politician who just so happens to also be the owner and founder of the WayBackMachine. This is how Lorenz is able to keep her own information private while destroying the lives of others.

“Trying to find info about any of these people on the internet is nearly impossible. Taylor Lorenz even had her uncle exempt her twitter account from the WayBackMachine,” said the SGT Report. “Once she deletes her tweets they are literally wiped from the internet forever. Now that’s power you can’t buy.”

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