Glenn Greenwald has drawn a very strong comparison between neocons, DC warmongers (same things) and even the fringe Left like AOC when it comes to the Ukrainian war. Seems these folks have a lot more in common than they realize … which is probably why AOC got so pissed off when her own supporters dared point out she supports war.

Even a nuclear threat.

Here, we’ll let Glenn explain, he’s far better at it anyway:

Sure, why not?

Yeah, that was really cute Frum. Invoking Woodrow Wilson as an argument to take control of private property … not a great look, Dave.

Same s**t, different day.

We love this tweet.

Weak people who use wars they will NEVER FIGHT IN to make themselves feel more powerful.

Winston Churchill would never stop throwing up if he saw the people who think they’re just like him.

AOC sounds like Bill Kristol.

This must surely open up some sort of space-time continuum, right?

This is a great point. Trump was done with war, and what did Republicans like Frum do? Jump over to the Democrats who clearly are AOK with war.


The fact that Biden is leading our country during a time when we haven’t been as close to Armageddon since the 60s is scary AF.

Just sayin’.

All they care about is war.


To arouse David Frum and make him feel strong.

Ugh, not a great visual.

But sadly all too accurate.



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