Yes, Joe Biden’s administration has done nothing — absolutely nothing — to stop the flow of illegal aliens across the southern border. And to discover the reason, look no further than the guy in charge of securing the border.

According to Politico, no less than five colleagues of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Chris Magnus portray him as unengaged in his job and say he falls asleep during department meetings. In addition, “he often doesn’t attend White House meetings on the situation on the border, badmouths other agencies to colleagues and superiors, and has not built relationships within CBP and across other agencies to address the influx of migrants at the border.”

For our VIPs: Dear DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas: RESIGN

So what is Magnus doing all day? If he’s not trying to secure the border, he better be doing something worthwhile, right?

If you’re a left-wing loon, he certainly is. He is apparently “focused primarily on reforming the culture of the Border Patrol, addressing its long list of allegations of racism and violence.” Meanwhile, 2 million people cross the border while he’s worried about “racism and violence.”

Some of the officials believe Magnus hasn’t prioritized addressing the high number of migrants attempting to cross the border, but instead has continually tried to shift blame to other agencies. As an example, two of the five current administration officials said Magnus brought his boss, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, pages of grievances about Immigration and Customs Enforcement. While CBP is responsible for securing U.S. borders at and between ports of entry, ICE is the agency responsible for arresting and detaining undocumented people within U.S. borders.

After a trip earlier this year to the border to meet with his Border Patrol colleagues, Magnus asked for an emergency meeting with Mayorkas and other senior DHS officials, during which he listed complaints about ICE that he’d gathered during tour stops from the Border Patrol’s rank and file, according to one of the five administration officials, who was familiar with the meeting.

“He’s not in the game,” another one of the administration officials told Politico. “Every time there’s a meeting and he’s in it, we’ll get to a conclusion and Magnus will have some sidebar issue that he wants to raise and we’re all like ‘What the f**k is that about?’”

Magnus is formerly the police chief in Tucson, Arizona, and was narrowly confirmed by the Senate due to heavy GOP opposition. He once wrote a glowing tribute to sanctuary cities.

Some of this carping by White House people about Magnus is almost certainly self-serving. One or more of the snipers may want his job. But at the very least, Magnus did not sound like the kind of candidate for the job who could make an impact on day one.

In a statement, he acknowledged he has spent his 10 months on the job getting up to speed on the agency’s “many complex areas.” He noted CBP is an operational agency, not a policy-making one. But he added that he is “closely involved in the major DHS immigration, border security, trade, and other policy discussions.” And he defended the approach he has brought to the role.

Biden isn’t interested in border security anyway, so Magnus fits right in with the rest of the incompetent pencil pushers in charge of securing our southern perimeter.

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