The midterm elections have clearly become a referendum on the Biden administration and its policies, and the White House knows it. And Biden and his team are desperate to stave off a potential red wave.

Now we’re learning that the White House is discussing selling more oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), the emergency inventory that the federal government sets aside for emergencies — you know, contingencies like trying to keep the Democrats in power.

“The Biden administration plans to sell oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in a bid to dampen fuel prices before next month’s congressional elections, three sources familiar with the matter said on Monday,” reports Reuters.

See, these people aren’t even trying to hide their craven motives anymore.

“Rising retail gasoline prices have helped boost inflation to the highest in decades, posing a risk to Biden and his fellow Democrats ahead of the Nov. 8 midterm elections, in which they are seeking to keep control of Congress,” the Reuters report continues.

The oil sales will come from the last of the 180 million barrels that the White House ordered released from the SPR earlier this year. To put that unprecedented release into perspective, the U.S. has only tapped the SPR three other times in history, and those were for legitimate emergencies, rather than symbolic actions to give the Democrats a victory.

Amy McKeever explains at National Geographic:

To date, the U.S. has only ordered three emergency releases from the reserve. In 1991, when war broke out in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, the U.S. released 17.2 million barrels of oil. In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina devastated oil production along the Gulf Coast, 20.8 million barrels were released. And in 2011, the U.S. and IEA jointly released 60 million barrels of oil when the civil war in Libya disrupted oil supplies.

Fox News reports that the administration is also supposed to announce this week new steps to replenish the SPR.

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Sources say the Biden administration is worried that its window to do something about fuel prices and ward off the GOP onslaught over inflation is closing quickly.

“The administration has a small window ahead of midterms to try to lower fuel prices, or at least demonstrate that they are trying,” one source told Reuters. “The White House did not like $4 a gallon gas and it has signaled that it will take action to prevent that again.”

This is the same administration that has pushed fervently for people to switch to expensive electric vehicles (remember, it’s so simple) in order to save the planet. Now they want to lower prices to make driving planet-killing automobiles more affordable as a way to save Congress for themselves.

We know the truth: the Biden administration cares less about the environment than it does about preserving power for the Democrats, just like these people have proven themselves on other issues. All the White House wants to do is make sure its party holds on to power as long as it can — which means making a show of “lowering gas prices,” only to go back to pushing for expensive green technology when the election is over.

If they win, we lose. Remember that when you go to the polls on Election Day.

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