The media’s desperation not to blame Biden for things being awful only makes Biden look worse.

And of course, they do themselves no favors with this sort of reporting either.

For example, the tried to explain why the prices of groceries keep rising:

Hint, they blame Putin, supply chain issues, and climate change aka EXTREME WEATHER.

No, we’re not kidding.

From The Hill:


Russia’s invasion hit the global food system with a double whammy by reducing food exports from Ukraine — a top supplier of wheat and cooking oils — and prompting Russia to slow its fertilizer exports.

Supply Chain:

Farmers and food processors have reported difficulties transporting grain, livestock and other products amid a shortfall of truck drivers, refrigerated trucks and railroad workers.

Freight railroads, which transport roughly one-quarter of U.S. grain, have been plagued by reliability issues that prevent food from getting to its destination on time, further shrinking supply. The industry is scrambling to hire more conductors and engineers after laying off large numbers of workers in recent years.

And then the weather:

This year’s harsh droughts have devastated farms across the U.S., shrinking yields and ultimately driving up prices at the grocery store.

Climate change has hit farmers in the American West particularly hard. That’s driven up the price of tree nuts, fruits and vegetables that are almost entirely grown in states plagued by drought.

They never mention gas prices or Biden’s inflation …

Funny how that works out.

Ding ding ding.

Juuuuust maybe.




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